Flamenco y Sol



November 2, 2019, Saturday 8 pm
Scottish Rite Museum Auditorium, Lexington, MA

$25, $35, $48

Flamenco Y Sol

Flamenco y Sol, a New York based company, is made up of one of the finest group of flamenco dancers and musicians in the US. With over 20 years of professional experience, the members of Flamenco y Sol have been professional trained in Spain and USA. They have performed at major venues in Europe and the USA, including the Metropolitan Opera, Joyce Theatre, Thalia Spanish Theatre, Town Hall, and IATI theatre in New York, Tiger Theatre in Frankfurt.

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Glenda Sol Koeraus is a Buenos Aires-born Flamenco dancer and choreographer who has graced both national and international stages, establishing herself as one of the top flamenco artists in the US.  An innovator, she specializes in introducing Flamenco throughout various performance genres:  Ballroom, Opera, Broadway, and Theatre. Sol has been described by the New York Times as “seductively aggressive” and by Theater Online as “a master of her craft”. Sol has appeared at illustrious venues such as Lincoln Center, Town Hall, Symphony Space, The New Victory Theater, The Joyce Theater, and the Metropolitan Opera. More recently, she has been featured in the pre-production of Tony Award-winning Christopher Gatelli’s “In Your Arms” (Powerhouse Theater), Zorro! The Musical (Alliance Theater, GA), Choreographer and Solo Dancer for Portland Opera’s production of Carmen (Keller Auditorium) and is currently dancing at the Metropolitan Opera.

Francisco Orozco “Yiyi” is from an Andalusian family from Spain and was introduced to Flamenco rhythms at the tender age of four. Yiyi was trained by Flamenco singer and father– “Joselón de Jerez” in his Spanish peña named “Peña Fosforito”. He has toured throughout Europe and Japan; with internationally known María Benitez “Teatro Flamenco” on Broadway and throughout the U.S.; Domingo Ortega in Venezuela as well “Casa Patas” in Madrid; Jose Greco II in the United States of America and Taiwan; and with world-renowned guitarist Serranito. Critics, worldwide, have toted Yiyi’s performance as “fiery”, “riveting” his percussion techniques executed with “machine-gun speed” that possesses and “casts a spell”.

Rebeca Tomas has been described as “awesomely fiery” (New York Times), “masterful” (Eva YaaAsentawaa), and “a postcard image of the feminine Flamenco dancer” (Kansas City Metropolis). She spent time in Spain for training and performance. Rebeca also has her own performing group. New York Times described her as  “a Burst of Springtime………..truly a feast for the eyes.”

Raphael Brunn, Flamenco Guitarist, and Composer was born to a well-known family of dancers and trapeze artists.  At fourteen, Raphael moved to Europe to join his father, a world-renowned juggler, and acrobat who had been using live Flamenco music in his performances. From a young age, Raphael was exposed to some of Spain’s finest Flamenco artists including El Manzanita, El Recortao, Pepe Marquez and many more.  His public debut playing Flamenco guitar was in the opening festivities of the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.  Since then, Raphael has performed with many of the great artists in Spain who initially inspired his dedication to the Flamenco tradition.  He worked with El Farruquito and El Torombo in the Flamenco production of Incognito, in Frankfurt, Germany.  Now based in New York, Raphael performs with various Flamenco artists from the US and Spain.

Paloma Ríos began learning Flamenco at an early age and at fifteen, was already performing professionally and teaching dance lessons. In 2005, she was awarded the title of “Spirit of Fiesta” as Santa Barbara’s cultural ambassador and thereafter lived in Spain; studying full time in Jerez de la Frontera, Sevilla, and Madrid with the Gypsy Dynasty known as the “Farrucos”. There she also studied with countless flamenco greats including Manuela Carrasco, Antonio El Pipa, and Juana Amaya. Upon her return, she founded the Paloma Ríos School of Flamenco where she taught and performed until 2013. She now teaches and performs independently.

Ryan Rockmore is a flamenco dancer and researcher in New York. He has studied with Carmen Ledesma, Merche Esmeralda, La Choni, Victorio Korjhan, La Meira, Rafaela Carrasco, and Marco Flores. He has performed in venues in the USA, Spain, and England. He conducted research in Spain as a Fulbright grantee and completed a Master’s in Dance Anthropology, from Roehampton University. More recently he is artist-in-residence with Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana.

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