Dances of the World



November 2, 2019, Saturday 1:00 pm
Scottish Rite Museum Auditorium, Lexington, MA

$25, $35, $48  (Also Checkout Early Bird Specials before August 1 )


Five excellent dance troupes, drawn from young, talented dancers representing various countries showcase their “stuff”.  This pool of talent represents a unique blend of youth, talent, training, and colorful traditional clothing. Many members of these group have performed at major events and won dance competitions.

Some of the groups include China, India, Greece, Ireland, Poland, and Latin America. A sampling of one of the groups (Bhangra dance from INDIA) is presented below.

A must see event for young and old !

INDIA – Bhangra Dance from Northern India

This group is drawn from MIT and others in the Boston area who love Bhangra, train together and compete regularly. They are amongst the top Bhangra performing group in the USA and have won national Bhangra competitions

This group is dedicated to exhibiting the energy and excitement that comes with Bhangra. It is a high-energy and upbeat folk dance from the state of Punjab in Northern India. It has grown in style and popularity over the years and today Bhangra is celebrated on an international, competitive circuit.

Bhangra is also all about having fun, so join them and cheer along!

More details about the other country dance groups presented in the “Dances of the World”  show is coming soon!

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