About Raul Jaurena

Raul Jaurena, the Uruguayan king of tango, is regarded as one of the most prominent Bandoneon players in the world.

At the age of eight, he already joined a tango orchestra. A performance together with Astor Piazzolla at the Montreal Jazz Festival guided his musical development. As a member of renowned tango ensembles in the nineteen sixties and seventies in Argentina and various Latin countries enriched his own arrangements.

He is equally popular in Argentina, Latin America, Europe, and the USA. He has performed extensively in major venues around the world and has been invited to the White House. His work has rewarded him with Grammy’s in the USA and South America.

He has played with other illustrious musicians like YoYo Ma, Paquito O’Rivera, and Giora Feidman and others. He traveled extensively in Europe with TANGO FIVE and singer Marga Mitchell.

Astor Piazolla once called Raul Jaurena “one of the greatest bandoneon player ever”.