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Women of the World

Maxwell Auditorium, Lexington, MA
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“Women of the World is an international vocal ensemble led by ten innovative women representing Japan, Italy, India, Mexico, and the United States of America.”


“Wonderful!!!! - Bobby McFerrin, Grammy award-winning vocalist“The music spoke throughout the night—it shouted, it soothed, it pleaded, it celebrated. The visual was as powerful as the music: here were women from around the world, and here was family. But the strongest pulse of all was the palpable joy of these women creating the music together.” – Nikki Flionis – The Arts – Fenway News“It is just amazing to hear Women of the World’s multi-faceted talent, the depth and complexity of their pieces, and to watch their passion for what they do. They are a stunning group with incredible talent.” - Ann Miller, President of Boston Jazz VoicesWomen of the World is an international ensemble currently based in Boston. What started out as a dream four years ago, has become a real musical force. Ayumi Ueda, a Berklee College of Music alumnus from Japan, sought to create an ensemble of women from all over the world to create music for peace. In 2008, Ayumi joined forces with like-minded musicians, Ali Rapetti from the United States, Giorgia Renosto from Italy, and Annette Philip from India in order to manifest this vision.Complemented by an eclectic band featuring Hinako Sato, Noriko Terada and Kazuyo Kuriya from Japan, Sara Cristal Peña Coffin from Mexico, Shirazette Tinnin and Sue Buzzard of the United States of America, this unique ensemble of women musicians delighted in sharing the beauty of different cultures and what that cross-pollination sounded like in music. Each of the ten women has a strong artistic identity shaped by the culture in which she grew up, and each finds endless excitement in learning and exploring the many cultures of the world. The unique music which stems forth from this mixture of artistry has created for a sound which is all its own – borderless, spirited, and carrying the undeniable message of unity.

The Women of the World repertoire is thus, vast and varied. Constantly searching for new genres to explore, the group has performed in over a dozen of the world’s languages. From Bulgarian, Cuban, Ladino, Brazilian, African, Indian and Japanese music to spontaneous improvisation and a-cappella interludes, the sound created by this unique group has grown to have a power that moves not only the members, but huger and huger audiences, as it spreads awareness of different cultures, music, and philosophies.

Through their work, Women of the World created a stir in the community, receiving support from renowned artists such as Grammy-award winning maestro, Bobby McFerrin. In 2010, they shared the stage with the iconic African vocalist, Angelique Kidjo. The group has also supported various causes including fundraisers for victims of natural disasters in Haiti, Pakistan, and most recently, Japan.
Following their recent New York debut concert at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York, USA, the ensemble is now gearing up for an international tour in 2012. First two stops: Japan and Kenya.

Besides this, Women of the World is also in the process of recording their debut album to help spread their message of cultural awareness and peace. They are proud winners of the 2011 Iguana Music Fund award and hope to release this album later in 2012.